picoPSU-80-WI-32 Wide Input PSU

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  • Smallest DC-DC ATX design anywhere!
  • Perfect candidate for vehicle or solar computing
  • 80 watts (120 watts peak)
  • 12V-32V wide input
  • 100% silent, fanless operation
  • Over 93% efficiency
  • Plugs directly into the ATX connector
  • Highly efficient design, does not produce a lot of heat.
  • Ideal for low power Intel Core Duo as well as all VIA C3/C7 motherboards
  • Standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • RoHS compliant

Package Includes

  • Two peripheral connector
  • One floppy drive connector
  • Power jack (w/mini fit Jr. adapter)
  • Installation Manual

1.25 x 1.75 x .75 (inches)
31 x 45 x 20 (mm)


Introducing the picoPSU-80-WI-32, the world's tiniest 12V-32V DC-DC ATX power supply unit (PSU)!

Small computer projects start with small power supplies. The picoPSU-80-WI-32 is a crucial key component that unleashes the ultimate power solution for general purpose computing platforms. The picoPSU-80-WI-32 is fully ATX compliant, making it an excellent candidate for any silent, 12V-32V DC-DC computer project.

Compact Design
The picoPSU-80-WI-32 is the smallest snap-in wide input 12V-32V ATX DC-DC power supply. The picoPSU-80-WI-32 is compatible with an entire range of mini-ITX motherboards as well as regular boards. The picoPSU-80-WI-32 provides a cool running, silent 120 watts (peak) of power for small PC designs using a single 12V-32V power source.

The picoPSU-80-WI-32 ATX DC-DC is very small, measuring just 31 x 45 x 20 mm (about the size of two AA batteries). The picoPSU-80-WI-32 is also 1U ServerRack compliant.

Reduced Space

Eliminate up to 20 unnecessary wires by plugging in directly into the motherboard ATX connector. The picoPSU-80-WI-32 12V-32V DC-DC ATX converter was designed from ground up to fit small form factor ATX boards, allowing enclosure designers to save space while not compromising power requirements.

Cool Power
Operating at only12V-32V, the picoPSU-80-WI-32 DC-DC ATX power supply generates 120 watts of power. The picoPSU-80-WI provides plenty of power (via ATX connector and HDD cable harness) for CPU and an entire range of peripherals.

100% Silent
The picoPSU-80-WI-32 mini PSU is a 100% silent fanless DC to DC solution. No fans. No noise. Just power for small and silent PCs.

Fully Compliant
The picoPSU-80-WI-32 is a fully compliant DC-DC ATX PC PSU. It can power VIA mini-ITX boards with C3 or C7 processors, Pentium-M, Core Duo Mobile that gets V(core) from the 5V rail. With the 4 Pin P4 (see related products below), the picoPSU-80-WI-32 can provide additional power to P4 class systems.


The picoPSU-80-WI-32 is ideal for low power Intel Core Duos, Pentium-Ms, as well as all VIA C3/C7 motherboards. Also works with the Intel D201GLY series (requires ATX extension cable).

manualpicoPSU-80-WI-32 Manual
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picoPSU-80-WI-32 Wide Input PSU