DC-DC USB vehicle/desktop power supply

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  • Wide range input 6-34V
  • Programmable output 6-24V (Default: 12V)
  • High current: up to 10A
  • Programmable via USB interface
  • Sends ON/OFF pulse to motherboard
  • 4 modes of operation: Dumb, Automotive, Script or UPS
  • 100% Solid Polymer Capacitors (made in Japan)

Package Includes:

  • 3x fast on connectors
  • 1x P4-P4 ATX cable
  • 1x on-off switch wire
  • installation manual

5.3 x 1.4 x 0.79
135 x 36 x 20


The DCDC-USB is a high power intelligent DC-DC converter. This unit accepts any input ranging from 6-34V.
Output is 12V regulated or output can be changed with simple jumper settings to 6V, 9V, 12V, 13.5V, 18V or 24V or via USB in fine increments (0.25V) anywhere from 6-24V.

The DCDC-USB has 4 models of operation:

  • Dumb mode: Acts as a regular DC-DC converter with wide input (6-34V) and produces a fixed 12V output (or any output from 6-24V) 
  • Automotive mode: Acts as an intelligent PSU, ignition aware, will send ON/OFF pulse to the motherboard to turn ON/OFF. Standby power consumption is well under 1mA.
  • UPS mode: The unit will act as an intelligent UPS unit, will shut down at prescribed battery voltages. 
  • Script mode: Unit can be programmed to wake up, sleep, based on pre-programmed scripts.

Additional features of DCDC-USB:

  • Remote ON/OFF switch capable of switching up to 6A, 8A peak
  • Can control motherboard ON/OFF pins
  • Fused input, TVS protected
  • USB mini, type B
  • All Solid Polymer Capacitors, SVPD series, Sanyo, Japan


manualDCDC-USB Manual
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DC-DC USB vehicle/desktop power supply