12 volts
12V is the standard voltage used to power anything with motors such as fans and hard drives. (Usually indicated by the YELLOW wiring)
A rack unit. One rack unit is 1.75in (44.4mm) high.
5 volts
5V is the standard voltage used to power circuit boards. (Usually indicated by the RED wiring)
A standard form factor for motherboards. As well as the motherboard size, layout, and placement, the ATX specification also includes requirements for power supply and fan specification and location.The full size ATX board measures 305 mm (W) x 244 mm (D).
While designing the Pentium 4 platform in 1999/2000, the standard 20-pin ATX power connector was deemed inadequate to supply increasing electrical load requirements. So, ATX was significantly revised into ATX12V 1.0 standard (that is why ATX12V 1.x is som
A 20 pin power connector port with a 4 pin (2x2) power port found in Pentium 4 motherboards. The 4 pin power port is meant to provide additional power to the processor.
A backlight is a form of illumination used in liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Backlights illuminate the LCD from the side or back of the display panel, unlike front lights, which are placed in front of the LCD.
capacitive touchscreen
A capacitive touchscreen panel consists of an insulator such as glass, coated with a transparent conductor such as indium tin oxide (ITO). As the human body is also a conductor, touching the surface of the screen results in a distortion of the local elect
Standard International (SI) unit for luminance/brightness (candela per square meter). Most monitors have a luminance/brightness rating of 300.
cranking (engine)
Occurs when a car is started. During this time, there is a dip in voltage in the car battery to 8V or lower. During cranking, most accessories are temporarily turned off. Our M2-ATX/M3-ATX/M4-ATX power supply series avoid this problem.
DIN (Deutshes Instuit fur Norming)
A standard size for car accessories and radios. 1-DIN is measured at 2"(H) x 7"(W). A 2-DIN is 4"(H) X 7"(W)
The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a video interface standard designed to maximize the visual quality of digital display devices such as flat panel LCD computer displays and digital projectors.
form factor
size and format of PC motherboards. Examples include mini-ITX, ATX, AT.
IEC 320 C5
male connector (called the inlet) defined by International Electrotechnical Commission. The end connector is sometimes called cloverleaf connections or "Mickey Mouse" (because the cross section looks like the silhouette of the Disney character).
A device that converts DC to AC.
Mini-ITX is a motherboard form factor developed by VIA Technologies. Mini-ITX has similarities to ATX, microATX, FlexATX and BTX form factors, but is significantly smaller - the motherboard dimensions are 170mm x 170mm.
Also known as the memory controller hub (MCH) in Intel systems (AMD, VIA, SiS and others usually use 'northbridge'), is traditionally one of the two chips in the core logic chipset on a PC motherboard, the other being the southbridge.
National Television System Committee. A color encoding system that is 525-line/60Hz. It is used mainly in North American, Central American and Japanese television systems.
Phase Alternating Line. A color encoding system that is 625-line/50Hz. It is used mainly in European television system.
Parallel ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) - data transfer technology between a computer and storage device. Also known as IDE/EIDE.
Power Supply Unit
regulated voltage
Constant or near constant voltage over a wide range of load conditions.
resistive touchscreen
A resistive touchscreen panel is composed of several layers, the most important of which are two thin, metallic, electrically conductive layers separated by a narrow gap.
Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) 2002/95/EC was adopted in February 2003 by the European Union. This directive restricts the use of six hazardous materials in the manufacture of variou
Serial ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) - data transfer technology between a computer and storage device. Its cables are thinner than IDE cables, allowing more airflow within a computer system and resulting in a cooler running system. It also allows h
Athlon XP architecture. Competitor to Intel's Celeron D.
Also known as the I/O Controller Hub (ICH), is a chip that implements the "slower" capabilities of the motherboard in a northbridge/southbridge chipset computer architecture. The southbridge can usually be distinguished from the northbridge by not being d
switched outlets
Power outlets that remain on when the car is in the on or accessory mode.
switching power adapter
A power adapter unit that has a switching regulator in order to provide the required DC output voltage. Our power adapters have a voltage range of 100V-240V DC, so it will work virtually around the world without any additional equipment.
Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display. A type of active matrix LCD.
unregulated voltage
Voltage that fluctuates over a wide range of load (as in cranking in an automobile)
unswitched outlets
Power outlets that remain on, such as those that power car alarms. They are always on and are usually low powered.
VGA (display resolution)
640 480 pixels with high color (16 bits per pixel, i.e. 65,536 colors)
VGA (hardware)
Video Graphics Array (VGA) - an analog computer display standard which can also refer to the 15-pin D-subminiature VGA connector
An x86 CPU produced by VIA Technologies. Also known as Nehemiah. Smaller, cheaper, and lower powered than Intel equivalents, but slower. Clock speed ranges from 1.0-1.4 GHz.
A faster version of the VIA C3. Smaller, cheaper, and lower powered than Intel equivalents, but slower. Clock speed ranges from 1.5-2.0 GHz.
VIA Technologies
A Taiwanese manufacturer of motherboard chipsets, CPUs and memory.
voltage regulation
A system to provide regulated voltage (constant or near constant voltage over a wide range of load conditions)
A screen having a 16:9 width to height ratio. Example resolutions for widescreen include 800 x 480 and 1280 x 720.
WVGA (display resolution)
Wide VGA or WVGA is any display resolution with the same 480px height as VGA but wider, such as 800480, 848480, or 854480. It is a common resolution among portable and hand-held internet-enabled devices as it is capable of rendering web sites designed
XGA (display resolution)
800 600 pixels with high color (16 bits per pixel, i.e. 65,536 colors)
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